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WE-Tech [SCAR SSR AEG] upper conversion kit (For SCAR -H GBBR)

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WE-Tech [SCAR SSR AEG] upper conversion kit (For SCAR -H GBBR)

Converting the WE-Tech [SCAR SSR AEG] upper kit into a [SCAR-H-GBBR] (Self-modification needed)

By installing the following original factory parts
-[P-WE-A009#WESC-38] WE SCAR-H SSR AEG Front Outer Barrel #WESC-38
-[P-WE-A009#WESC-40] WE SCAR-H SSR AEG Flash Hider #WESC-40
-[P-WE-A009#WESC-42] WE SCAR-H SSR AEG Extension Screw Set #WESC-42
-[P-WE-A009#WESC-44] WE SCAR-H SSR AEG Gas Cylinder Set #WESC-44
-WE SCAR-H SSR AEG Lower Rail Set #WESC-45 (Black)
-[P-WE-A009#WESC-46] WE SCAR-L PDW AEG Front Sight Set #WESC-46
-[P-WE-A009#WESC-49] WE SCAR-H SSR AEG Upper Receiver Side Rail Set #WESC-49
-WE SCAR-H SSR AEG Upper Receiver Set #WESC-50 (Black)

* Self-Modification needed
* KY Airsoft does not provide modification service to this kit
* Require a WE Tech Scar-H Gas Blow Back model

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